Carmody Central is a lifestyle podcast centered around real topics in culture, comedy, sexuality, and "the unknown." Each episode features one topic and guest, ranging from comedians, specialists, drag queens, and more. Jennifer Carmody hosts her namesake podcast without reserve, in a free form style allowing the topic to breathe and often go in unusual directions. It can best be described as eavesdropping on your neighbor's psychotic conversations.

My handwriting changes for everything because I’m psychotic, her’s stays the same every time because she’s also psychotic but in a different way. Hanging with my long term friend back in the good old, Jersey City, my hometown.  Talking about how life has changed for us, she talks about becoming a parent and I tell her my biggest fear as a chid was immaculate conception. We talk about Russia, coming to America and the terror of your children going through puberty.  Shit gets spiritual, but we bring it back, drunkenly discuss relationships, and I explain how I only date short men so they can’t beat me up. She suggest that I forgive and shit gets spiritual again and we leave on a sweet moment. 

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