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Jose and I are talking about the polyamorous lifestyle and we get into the details of Jose's Poly Life.  TLC, please make a reality show called that starring Jose Sarduay. Anyway, this is all really interesting, he talks about going from being a player to being honest about wanting multiple relationships.  Surprisingly so, it seems more responsible than your average monogamous person... from the looks of it, being undersexed leads to bad decisions and having 4 girlfriends leads to responsible decisions.  He talks about women eventually moving on to get married or serious with other men.  We are talking about date rape, culture, and how young boys should be taught more about their own bodies and Jose explains how important it is to control your urges.  

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Today my friend Milo Erikson is joining me and we are talking about the big WWE match that is the world we live in.  Everyone playing a good guy or bad guy version of themselves.  How Kim Kardashian is an actress in this movie we call life and how each of us is playing along.  We are talking about annoying hashtags, full of shit people on social media, attention seekers, stalking people on social media until we hate ourselves.  Comparing ourselves to others but we pull it all back, and realize we are totally fine, have everything we need and should be completely fucking happy and stop bitching.  Then we promote our social media, because we are hypocrites like that ;)

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The amazingly talented Scout Durwood is dropping in and we are talking about her new album "Woman of Whimsy."  Also, a little about her journey in NY with burlesque and stand up comedy which eventually lead her to make the best of both worlds with this impressive album. Not only is it funny but I’m impressed how good the music is. And you’re not gonna believe it, but she’s also a really sweet awesome person.  We talk about being sustainable and environmentally conscious.  Which is exhausting and rewarding at the same time.  We reminisce on all those documentaries that forced us to be this way.  Scout has a great idea about global karma and a way to make people aware of their choices.  It is strange how being more aware of this makes you feel like more of a dick, even though you’re actually being less of one. Also, those teenagers who were charged with child porn because they sexted dirty pics to each other.  Not sure were we stand on this but we discuss it, and I’m guilty of it… in fact, a large portion of my life story can be told through photos I’ve sexted.  So not sure how I feel… other topics are Reality TV, social media, and how hard it is to adopt a dog. Song Excerpts are available on iTunes "Good Night Big Apple" and “Prius” Make sure you download Scout’s whole album it’s hilarious, smart, and her timing is ridiculous. 

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