Carmody Central is a lifestyle podcast centered around real topics in culture, comedy, sexuality, and "the unknown." Each episode features one topic and guest, ranging from comedians, specialists, drag queens, and more. Jennifer Carmody hosts her namesake podcast without reserve, in a free form style allowing the topic to breathe and often go in unusual directions. It can best be described as eavesdropping on your neighbor's psychotic conversations.

Brian Lynch is back for his yearly check-in, we catch up on life and work. As usual we are in the same place in life. I talk about the NEW website that will have a lot more listening options. Then things get wild, Bumble date possible roofie story, whether the pope is good or evil, then progressively more drunk and more embarrassing discussions. At one point, I said I was going to post the podcast just like it is. So that's what I did, Brian is wasted by the end. I apologize in advance. 

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It's going down in America and we recorded the shit show live. Mark Harley and Luana Harley join me in this moment in history. Mark is an independent voter and Luana is from Germany and not able to vote in the Election, but a Hillary supporter. I didn't vote, which probably pisses you off. But Chill we all live in California and Clinton won 55 electoral votes here. Listen as we go from joyful, to anxious, to disbelief, I stay in denial, Luana is pretty devastated, but we all need a moment for this to settle in. 

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I've been wanting to get Erin Mallory Long on the Podcast for a while, she has some great youtube videos that I love.  Unfortunately, I introduce her worse than John Travolta presenting Indina Menzel at the Oscars. Look up Travolta Oscars Fail right now, you will thank me later.  Anyway, we are just some gals getting to know each other.  We talk about our names, growing up on the east coast, living in LA, anxiety, cats, dating apps, ahem - my recent break up (juicy haha) So make sure you check this one out.

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Myrone Sumner hosts this episode of Endless Sumner, the Summer Editions of Carmody Central.  We are talking about shitting when naked, being a quick shitter, the RNC/DNC drama, we are talking Hillary Clit-on and more.  Enjoy this episode with guest, former host, Jennifer Carmody!

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As some of you might remember, I told Myrone Sumner that if anything ever happens to me he will inherit this podcast. Well after a month or more hiatus of not recording the podcast, as  Godfather - he became the primary caregiver and took over the show.  Luckily he let me be the guest.  This is might be my favorite episode yet.  We talk Brexit, Bernie/Hilary... a Hall & Oates tribute and more.

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One of my favorite people is finally on the podcast, after me asking him so many times. Once I started taking tips from one of those extravagant 'Will you be my Prom Date?' Videos, I finally got him on and it only took a trail of rose petals leading to a pizza.  Well we are just talking big picture, things like autocorrect, utter paranoia towards life, being afraid of food, and creepy people who pretend to be teenage girls on the internet.

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Fizaa Dosani, is a lot of fun and super low key gorgeous... it's almost like she doesn't know how insanely pretty she is.  She came in eating McDonald's but don't judge her cuz she's hilarious and talented. We talked too much about periods, tampons, and ew... menstrual cups.  Guys will be uncomfortable but get the fuck over it.  Also we are talking about youtube, film school, and of course politics.  We are talking Bernie or Bust, and the state of the union. 

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Wil Gelin is my writing twin soul.  In a way, we are the same person.  So he brought his friend Alessandra, who he met earlier today but they are best friends.  She is visiting from Italy and we are talking about everything, the world, crime, and mystery.  I never knew other countries did not have the right to "bare arms" so we attempt to get worldly talk about bigger issues.  Like criminal justice and prison, and shit gets jail-isn. I never knew.  Wil, with ONE L, is hilarious and I love having him on.  Listen now!

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Myrone Sumner joins once again, and we are talking about work and responsibility.  How we want to "not care" at work but thats even harder then caring.  Somehow, we get into our cry history.  First we both claim not to try but as time goes on we realize we are big babies and cry a lot when it "doesn't count."  Then we end up talking about software porn and cinemax, are those shows still on?

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I have been wanting to do an episode about Spirituality and Magick for a long time because supernatural and metaphysical topics have always been a huge intrigue throughout my life.  I wanted the right person for this cast and Marcella Kroll, host of Saved by the Spell Podcast, spiritual practitioner, artist and teacher is here for one of my favorite episodes yet.  We talk about doing rituals and its consequences, New Age manifestation magic and how sometimes it can only focus on the positive and not the consequences of performing rituals.  We're talking about cleansing and taking on others energy, own our spiritual journeys.  Also, I'm glad we talk a bit about darkness, negative entities, and selling you're soul. My favorite is part is we discuss Past Life Regression and Marcella brings up something new for me, Ancestral Regressions. Last, we talk about soul missions and how being a person who heals can be a lot of responsibility but its our human evolution. 

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The Hilarious and Talented Katie Malia joins today and we are talking about her awesome career in commercials, but she's also a comedian, and actress.  This girl kicks ass!

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We are talking about politics... well not "politics" we are talking about Trump being an ass.  We both 'feel the Bern' and are talking about Bernie Sanders as president.  And how Obama actually did a lot as president, but if you were ALREADY RICH, his work didn't change you're perfect life.  Haha, but really, he did a lot and help the country.  Michelle Ortiz is an singer and actress and we talk about how she ended up not being a lawyer or doctor!  Also we talk about Hollywood turning into Manhattan-wood. Michelle is soon funny, I loved this conversation, we got into some relationship talk which is beyond entertaining. 

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This girl is awesome, she does charity, she’s funny, and super talented! Dione Kuraoka, not karaoke, is a triple threat.  Our conversation takes a bunch of crazy turns and we end up talking about the horrors of google images and body modifications gone wrong. We talk about growing up and as usual, living in LA. 

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Brett Maline is super talented and funny.  And this guy has some interesting facts to know about him, he’s from Nebraska and worked on an actual farm.  He literally herded calves, brand them and HE HAS BEEN A MID-WIFE TO A COW!  I’m not even joking.  We talked about the difference between weed in LA compared to every where else in the world.  Brett has a really good track record with success and was in a band which toured the world and he spent quite a bit of time in Japan doing comedy.

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Jeremy Howard is a hilarious actor and model.  We are talking about how he ended up in Los Angeles, diversity in Hollywood and his Southern upbringing.  Those backhanded compliments and southern hospitality mixed with small town mentality.  Also, how his mother is pastor and growing up with a lot of siblings.  You’re gonna enjoy this one! 

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This is the 2nd half of last weeks episode with Ashely Currie. Hoverboards, I am such a fan of them and they literally make Ashley's skin crawl.  We talk about firemen and a crazy story of Ash almost getting poisoned in her apartment over a strip club in NY.  We are talking about mental illness and depression, Robin Williams, death and the way our society shuns it.  Also we are talking about trolling and my youtube stalker who wants to kill me... and how I attempted to get this guy banned from America and called the FBI on him.  

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Ashley Currie is back and this is part 1 of our usual 2 part discussions.  Today we are talking about the social media backlash any time someone messes up.  No need to be proven guilty, if the internet thinks you're guilty... Good luck. We are talking about Making a Murderer, Bill Cosby, and others.  We are also talking about Therapy and why it works for some and not for others.  Plus tons of other silliness, and seriousness, and we talk about death as usual.

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Welcome back everyone, after a much needed break in December, Carmody Central is back.  What a way to kick off the new year with psychotherapist and author, John Tsilimparis.  Today we are discussing The Denial of Reason. We are branching off of one of John's Huffington Post articles about how many conversative candidates have rejected reason.  How Ben Carson believes that Satan is partly responsible for Darwin's evolution theory.  Seriously, he said that! How George W Bush said that God told him personally to free the Iraqi people.  And how big of a part religion plays on the Republican side of things, especially when it comes to making laws.  Believe whatever you want, I for sure am a believer in many crazy things, but you need to be logical if you're writing the laws and legislation in this crazy country we call 'merica. 

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