Carmody Central is a lifestyle podcast centered around real topics in culture, comedy, sexuality, and "the unknown." Each episode features one topic and guest, ranging from comedians, specialists, drag queens, and more. Jennifer Carmody hosts her namesake podcast without reserve, in a free form style allowing the topic to breathe and often go in unusual directions. It can best be described as eavesdropping on your neighbor's psychotic conversations.

Lucas Handwerker is a highly skilled Mentalist. His abilities appear to be super human, although he insists it is all people reading and influencing - he refers to himself as a "fake psychic." After seeing his show, I had tons of questions and needed to know more about the man behind the mind reading. Putting the tricks aside, he is equally as interesting and his perspective was refreshing, honest, and completely unique.  I had him share his personal opinions on psychics, mediums, and other mystics. He shares some his experiences as a hypnotist, a skill that crosses over into conversation where is extremely mesmerizing. Recently he has begun doing intuitive readings for people and unlike many others, he is very upfront about his methods and the systems he uses.

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Yoshi is back in the US and back on the podcast. He is sharing some of what he has been up to over the past few years.  He has been involved with a magazine based in Europe that is written, produced, and photographed by addicts. The drug culture is changing across Europe and many places have adopted the idea of 'shooting rooms' which is where heroin addicts can get heroin and clean needles, and are able to use right there in the room.  Sounds crazy, but it has drastically reduced drug related crime, the spread of disease and actually lowered the number of fatal overdoses. Yoshi has a new perspective on addiction and drug use after visiting these shooting rooms around the world. He recently visited one in Vancouver and hopes the US can adopt some of these methods. 

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Delanie is back and she’s admiring my same but new apartment. We are talking about pinterest, and how the hoard ALL THE GOOD PICS ON THE INTERNET. We are talking about Dicks by Delanie, her super cool side gig of selling coffee mugs with dicks drawn on them. But really whats going on here is, we are obsessed with food and its all we really want to talk about. Cooking and how she can become quite the burrito master and has learned to roll her own. Also, how tofu in water is kind of gross, our mutual love for Taco Bell. Her all you can eat in college days and the doctor telling her that although she’s skinny she has the cholesterol levels of Ursula. 

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The lovely and talented, Ric Rosario, is back after a life changing experience and I'm so grateful to have him back. Ric suffered a near fatal car accident 7 months ago and has been on a journey to recovery. We are discussing his loss of memory leading up the to accident, followed by months of surgery, his powerful story of being in a rehabilitation center, and adjusting to his new day-to-day life.  This is honestly so inspiring to me, learning to walk again and the gratitude Ric has for life is so empowering. To me, the most beautiful thing about this whole interview is how after such a traumatic experience, how he loves his life more than ever and how quick he got himself back on stage. So much love to Ric, we are lucky to have you back!

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So many girls, so little time. For my 100th episode I decided that the best way to celebrate was torecord a live episode... but that didn't work out! So my next best thing was to compile all my favorite moments with funny females. Enjoy this look back and some of my best lady-parts. PARTS OF PODCASTS, you perv!

Lolika - Weird Fruit
Michelle Ortiz - Random Bathroom door + LA Subway
Delanie Fischer - Juicing and Dancing
Sara Weinshenk  - You don’t look old, its just bad lighting
Ashley Currie - Stop Dirtying the Sand, Poor People
Melissa Stetten - Contouring vs Real Life 
Kelsey Cook - Youtube comments 
Camilla Cleese - Pretty Funny 
Amy Schumer - Sexual Positions 
Scout Durwood - Staying Focused on your Craft



The amazing Ashley Currie is back. We are talking about how much I hate dry food and that working in a restaurant is out of question because we just can't care enough for that. We want to tip everyone just to compensate for having to listen to customer's jokes. We also talk about the current state of the union because, come on. We talk about the possibility of having a woman president and now realistic it is. Which leads to a convo about being a woman in general... because come on. Then we get on to a discussion on how much work it is to be conscious of the environment and social/political issues but the guilt is out of control that we just keep pushing through. 

Then we black out, no literally - the lights go out and we continue recording in the pitch black apt. 

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Kelsey Cook is a hilarious stand-up comic who I've been dying to hang out with because we have a mutual friend who we are talking about... Jim Norton!  She says Jim has changed her life and we have that in common for sure. She talks about how they met and how it has been touring on the road with him for almost 2 years. Kelsey is also a beauty blogger and is amazing at doing make-up, and talking about her "Comedians Doing Make Up" series on youtube. What's most interesting is that she's a second generation World Foosball Champion and we are talking about her upbringing of being raised in a small town by a trumpet player and french teacher. What a great gal! Make sure you subscribe to her podcast Cook'd and check out her stand-up dates on her website.

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She has been killing it in the pilates world and has become an expert in spinal alignment. Jen Latino aka ConnectwithJen aka Baby Jen - my best friend!  She has a background in physical therapy and has the best posture of anyone I've ever met. We are talking about inner muscles and how crucial core strength is to overall health and lifestyle. We are focusing on one the most important parts of our body, the iliopsoas, which most of us have never heard of. It's the muscle that connects our upper and lower body and secures our spine. Often a weak iliopsoas can be confused with sciatic issues, lower back pain, digestive issues and menstruation cramps. Jen believes that if you strengthen your body from the inside-out then you're protecting your body and mobility in every aspect of your life. She blew my mind with this info, definitely advice to live by if you can remember to do it in your day to day life or in your fitness routine. 

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Shaun is an Arizona based comedian and we are recording in our high tech sound studio, aka Shaun's pick up truck in the parking lot of his job. We are talking about how lazy he is, weed edibles, his mom punching him in the stomach, growing up in AZ where you just light stuff on fire in the desert, because why not? He is super young so don't be alarmed when he said he started watching The Walking Dead when he was only 9... he's 15 now. Just kidding, he's a legal and willing adult and he consented to this recording. 

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Caitlin O'Connor is probably the sweetest person to ever be on this podcast. Not only is she stunning, funny, and down to earth but she is killing it! She's been featured in Maxim and is one of the ArsenicTV girls. She talks about moving from LA to Pennsylvania, going to school in a small town and dealing with bullying. Also, she talks about her first job as a Disney Princess at Disneyland. We bond over our love of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She is also on top of her celebrity gossip and has updates on some of our favorite 90s stars. Finally, we talk about anonymous comments on the internet and how annoying trolls are. 

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Choni Francis is back and he's been working with Blavity and Buzzfeed creating new content, and all those creative vibes have reached all the way to Carmody Central and created Carmody House. Coming to a youtube near you soon.  We are talking about everything, men, women, faithfulness, cheating, dating, dick size... um, those videos of guys getting kicked in the balls. Not something i would know about... anyway shit gets real as always with Choni and we have a hilarious chat. He's ready, I'm ready... We ready... for this podcast.

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Such a huge topic to discuss, I needed to bring in my friend Will Saunders to shine some light on something white people have a hard time acknowledging. Racism in America on the systematic and individual levels. We are talking about the sugar coating of African American history to make it sound better in social studies class. Also, we are talking about calling someone the "R" word, how people do and say racist things but do not consider it to be racist. We talk about police brutality, pop culture, the Black Lives Matter movement, and Will even wanted to discuss the different type of white culture.  He also explains "whiteness" and "blackness" to me because we've all seen these words in the comments sections.

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With the finale coming soon, we decided to recap the season so far. Dear friend Milo Eriksen, who is a fan of the show as well, joins to talk about this season's "super pack" of villains - here to get rich or let poor people die trying. The writers are going all out this season, every episode is more intense than the last and you have no idea what's next. (Edit: Sorry, original upload was cut short - Full Episode is now up)

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Melissa Ximena Golebiowski is a Literary Publicist and owner of Lost Literati PR. Today we are discussing writing, the creative process, tips for setting time for your work and of course I must ask a professional publicists if she prefers self publishing or going the agent route. Loved reconnecting with my old NYC friend now a fellow LA Native, and naturally we discuss the difference between the coasts. 

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Lauren Eisman is a Nutrition Trainer & Certified Detoxification Specialist, based out of LA. Founder of Clean Bodies©. She focuses on creating personalized diets for people looking to "go clean," or plant-based. She offers FaceTime grocery store trips that guide her clients through the supermarket and teach them what they should be getting.  We are talking about all types of fun topics, health, toxins, and natural alternatives to your fav supermarket items. Also, she believes in realistic diets... her goal is to help with a successful lifestyle change as opposed to a strict diet that you can only last 7 days. She says that occasional slice of pizza might be the difference between a lifetime of healthy eating or repressing your cravings until you abandon your diet and go on a junk food rampage.  Realistic and honest is the practical way!

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