Carmody Central is a lifestyle podcast centered around real topics in culture, comedy, sexuality, and "the unknown." Each episode features one topic and guest, ranging from comedians, specialists, drag queens, and more. Jennifer Carmody hosts her namesake podcast without reserve, in a free form style allowing the topic to breathe and often go in unusual directions. It can best be described as eavesdropping on your neighbor's psychotic conversations.

The lovely and hilarious, Honora is joining today and talking about the big and little issues, like penis size, weird beauty regimens, women in the modern world, politics, and more.  Listen to this entertaining convo that ranges from insightful to silly. 

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My good friend, Mark Harley, is back and he has had a great year. Last time I had him on the podcast Trump won the election and even though the world has gone to shit, things have looked up for Mark. He is now a permanent cast member on BET's sketch comedy show called 50 Central, produced by 50 Cent. We are talking about the show, politics and how to approach a stranger that you want to fuck. Mark actually give great advice, he needs a dating column. 

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