Carmody Central is a lifestyle podcast centered around real topics in culture, comedy, sexuality, and "the unknown." Each episode features one topic and guest, ranging from comedians, specialists, drag queens, and more. Jennifer Carmody hosts her namesake podcast without reserve, in a free form style allowing the topic to breathe and often go in unusual directions. It can best be described as eavesdropping on your neighbor's psychotic conversations.

The lovely and hilarious, Honora is joining today and talking about the big and little issues, like penis size, weird beauty regimens, women in the modern world, politics, and more.  Listen to this entertaining convo that ranges from insightful to silly. 

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My good friend, Mark Harley, is back and he has had a great year. Last time I had him on the podcast Trump won the election and even though the world has gone to shit, things have looked up for Mark. He is now a permanent cast member on BET's sketch comedy show called 50 Central, produced by 50 Cent. We are talking about the show, politics and how to approach a stranger that you want to fuck. Mark actually give great advice, he needs a dating column. 

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Yoshi is back in the US and back on the podcast. He is sharing some of what he has been up to over the past few years.  He has been involved with a magazine based in Europe that is written, produced, and photographed by addicts. The drug culture is changing across Europe and many places have adopted the idea of 'shooting rooms' which is where heroin addicts can get heroin and clean needles, and are able to use right there in the room.  Sounds crazy, but it has drastically reduced drug related crime, the spread of disease and actually lowered the number of fatal overdoses. Yoshi has a new perspective on addiction and drug use after visiting these shooting rooms around the world. He recently visited one in Vancouver and hopes the US can adopt some of these methods. 

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Delanie is back and she’s admiring my same but new apartment. We are talking about pinterest, and how the hoard ALL THE GOOD PICS ON THE INTERNET. We are talking about Dicks by Delanie, her super cool side gig of selling coffee mugs with dicks drawn on them. But really whats going on here is, we are obsessed with food and its all we really want to talk about. Cooking and how she can become quite the burrito master and has learned to roll her own. Also, how tofu in water is kind of gross, our mutual love for Taco Bell. Her all you can eat in college days and the doctor telling her that although she’s skinny she has the cholesterol levels of Ursula. 

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So many girls, so little time. For my 100th episode I decided that the best way to celebrate was torecord a live episode... but that didn't work out! So my next best thing was to compile all my favorite moments with funny females. Enjoy this look back and some of my best lady-parts. PARTS OF PODCASTS, you perv!

Lolika - Weird Fruit
Michelle Ortiz - Random Bathroom door + LA Subway
Delanie Fischer - Juicing and Dancing
Sara Weinshenk  - You don’t look old, its just bad lighting
Ashley Currie - Stop Dirtying the Sand, Poor People
Melissa Stetten - Contouring vs Real Life 
Kelsey Cook - Youtube comments 
Camilla Cleese - Pretty Funny 
Amy Schumer - Sexual Positions 
Scout Durwood - Staying Focused on your Craft



The amazing Ashley Currie is back. We are talking about how much I hate dry food and that working in a restaurant is out of question because we just can't care enough for that. We want to tip everyone just to compensate for having to listen to customer's jokes. We also talk about the current state of the union because, come on. We talk about the possibility of having a woman president and now realistic it is. Which leads to a convo about being a woman in general... because come on. Then we get on to a discussion on how much work it is to be conscious of the environment and social/political issues but the guilt is out of control that we just keep pushing through. 

Then we black out, no literally - the lights go out and we continue recording in the pitch black apt. 

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Kelsey Cook is a hilarious stand-up comic who I've been dying to hang out with because we have a mutual friend who we are talking about... Jim Norton!  She says Jim has changed her life and we have that in common for sure. She talks about how they met and how it has been touring on the road with him for almost 2 years. Kelsey is also a beauty blogger and is amazing at doing make-up, and talking about her "Comedians Doing Make Up" series on youtube. What's most interesting is that she's a second generation World Foosball Champion and we are talking about her upbringing of being raised in a small town by a trumpet player and french teacher. What a great gal! Make sure you subscribe to her podcast Cook'd and check out her stand-up dates on her website.

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Shaun is an Arizona based comedian and we are recording in our high tech sound studio, aka Shaun's pick up truck in the parking lot of his job. We are talking about how lazy he is, weed edibles, his mom punching him in the stomach, growing up in AZ where you just light stuff on fire in the desert, because why not? He is super young so don't be alarmed when he said he started watching The Walking Dead when he was only 9... he's 15 now. Just kidding, he's a legal and willing adult and he consented to this recording. 

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Caitlin O'Connor is probably the sweetest person to ever be on this podcast. Not only is she stunning, funny, and down to earth but she is killing it! She's been featured in Maxim and is one of the ArsenicTV girls. She talks about moving from LA to Pennsylvania, going to school in a small town and dealing with bullying. Also, she talks about her first job as a Disney Princess at Disneyland. We bond over our love of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She is also on top of her celebrity gossip and has updates on some of our favorite 90s stars. Finally, we talk about anonymous comments on the internet and how annoying trolls are. 

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Choni Francis is back and he's been working with Blavity and Buzzfeed creating new content, and all those creative vibes have reached all the way to Carmody Central and created Carmody House. Coming to a youtube near you soon.  We are talking about everything, men, women, faithfulness, cheating, dating, dick size... um, those videos of guys getting kicked in the balls. Not something i would know about... anyway shit gets real as always with Choni and we have a hilarious chat. He's ready, I'm ready... We ready... for this podcast.

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I've been wanting to get Erin Mallory Long on the Podcast for a while, she has some great youtube videos that I love.  Unfortunately, I introduce her worse than John Travolta presenting Indina Menzel at the Oscars. Look up Travolta Oscars Fail right now, you will thank me later.  Anyway, we are just some gals getting to know each other.  We talk about our names, growing up on the east coast, living in LA, anxiety, cats, dating apps, ahem - my recent break up (juicy haha) So make sure you check this one out.

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As some of you might remember, I told Myrone Sumner that if anything ever happens to me he will inherit this podcast. Well after a month or more hiatus of not recording the podcast, as  Godfather - he became the primary caregiver and took over the show.  Luckily he let me be the guest.  This is might be my favorite episode yet.  We talk Brexit, Bernie/Hilary... a Hall & Oates tribute and more.

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Wil Gelin is my writing twin soul.  In a way, we are the same person.  So he brought his friend Alessandra, who he met earlier today but they are best friends.  She is visiting from Italy and we are talking about everything, the world, crime, and mystery.  I never knew other countries did not have the right to "bare arms" so we attempt to get worldly talk about bigger issues.  Like criminal justice and prison, and shit gets jail-isn. I never knew.  Wil, with ONE L, is hilarious and I love having him on.  Listen now!

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Myrone Sumner joins once again, and we are talking about work and responsibility.  How we want to "not care" at work but thats even harder then caring.  Somehow, we get into our cry history.  First we both claim not to try but as time goes on we realize we are big babies and cry a lot when it "doesn't count."  Then we end up talking about software porn and cinemax, are those shows still on?

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This girl is awesome, she does charity, she’s funny, and super talented! Dione Kuraoka, not karaoke, is a triple threat.  Our conversation takes a bunch of crazy turns and we end up talking about the horrors of google images and body modifications gone wrong. We talk about growing up and as usual, living in LA. 

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Brett Maline is super talented and funny.  And this guy has some interesting facts to know about him, he’s from Nebraska and worked on an actual farm.  He literally herded calves, brand them and HE HAS BEEN A MID-WIFE TO A COW!  I’m not even joking.  We talked about the difference between weed in LA compared to every where else in the world.  Brett has a really good track record with success and was in a band which toured the world and he spent quite a bit of time in Japan doing comedy.

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Jeremy Howard is a hilarious actor and model.  We are talking about how he ended up in Los Angeles, diversity in Hollywood and his Southern upbringing.  Those backhanded compliments and southern hospitality mixed with small town mentality.  Also, how his mother is pastor and growing up with a lot of siblings.  You’re gonna enjoy this one! 

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This is the 2nd half of last weeks episode with Ashely Currie. Hoverboards, I am such a fan of them and they literally make Ashley's skin crawl.  We talk about firemen and a crazy story of Ash almost getting poisoned in her apartment over a strip club in NY.  We are talking about mental illness and depression, Robin Williams, death and the way our society shuns it.  Also we are talking about trolling and my youtube stalker who wants to kill me... and how I attempted to get this guy banned from America and called the FBI on him.  

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The hilarious Choni Francis is back and we are talking about the important things.  Donald Trump, Cali Kush, and instagram stalking.  Also, we talk about men lying to their girls and how they have no reason at all to do so.  We talk about race and Choni shares how he found out he was black.  I share how my 5th grade class found out I was white and got mad at me for it.  The race topic continues as we talk about police brutality, the civil rights movement being peaceful and how police are more easily fired for silly shit than real wrong doings. 

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One year later, my near and dear friend Brian Lynch is back.  Our Similarities as friends, the way we are like dogs and don't want to show any signs of weakness.  The type to go die alone in secrecy.  We come to some light theory that people who had siblings that basically tortured them are afraid to show venerability.  Talking about some heavy shit, like Syrian refugees, lighter topics like Mr. Bernie Sanders... and we finish off reading some hate comments from my youtube channel.  

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We are talking about everything today with one of my favorite guests of all time, the hilarious Delanie Fischer.  Weddings, Relationships, and sex... until shit gets Kinky.  We are talking about our weird sexual experiences, which is quite insightful and slightly creepy.  Enjoy, and don't judge you prude!

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Cocktails with Myrone, basically I got him drunk and gave him some weird cigarettes before recording.  We are all over the place, I die about 15 mins into this episode and my ghost comes back to be a guest on Myrone’s podcast.  I gave him the podcast in my will because it’s my only possession and he’s the only person who wants it. We are both coughing the entire episode so don’t listen on high volume as you may end up deaf. Brace yourselves. 

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Sara Weinshenk is a hilarious comedian wrapped up in the cutest package I've ever seen.  Her blue hair, funky style and big brown eyes can best be described as "adorbs," she is a great guest and a whole lotta fun.  We are talking about snacks, since she hosts Tuesday's Snacks Podcast.  We are also talking about, plastic skull goblets, growing up in LA, comedy, the club scene and how much times have changed. 

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Ashley Currie is back for more, I love having her on, we can talk forever. 

This week we are talking about cat fishing, how I’ve been cat fished every time I’ve attempted to online date.  Also, we are talking about dick pics and how sometimes guys send a pic of someone else’s dick.  We don’t understand the logic, but it happens.  Also, we are talking about movies from our childhood and how it may have lead to an alarming number of depressed people.  I mean, I’m still sad about Artex sinking in the swamp of sadness and that was in the 80s.  


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Another ridiculous episode with my brother and I, we are talking about chain letters, the Pope, Kim Davis, Gay Rights, Philadelphia, my brother's weird obsession from childhood, we go into our Location Services and take look at Frequent Locations which gives him a panic attack.  

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The amazingly talented Scout Durwood is dropping in and we are talking about her new album "Woman of Whimsy."  Also, a little about her journey in NY with burlesque and stand up comedy which eventually lead her to make the best of both worlds with this impressive album. Not only is it funny but I’m impressed how good the music is. And you’re not gonna believe it, but she’s also a really sweet awesome person.  We talk about being sustainable and environmentally conscious.  Which is exhausting and rewarding at the same time.  We reminisce on all those documentaries that forced us to be this way.  Scout has a great idea about global karma and a way to make people aware of their choices.  It is strange how being more aware of this makes you feel like more of a dick, even though you’re actually being less of one. Also, those teenagers who were charged with child porn because they sexted dirty pics to each other.  Not sure were we stand on this but we discuss it, and I’m guilty of it… in fact, a large portion of my life story can be told through photos I’ve sexted.  So not sure how I feel… other topics are Reality TV, social media, and how hard it is to adopt a dog. Song Excerpts are available on iTunes "Good Night Big Apple" and “Prius” Make sure you download Scout’s whole album it’s hilarious, smart, and her timing is ridiculous. 

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What an awesome guest Delanie Fischer is! This is our first time meeting each other and I think she's my new best friend.  She let me talk about all my favorite things, big penises, humiliating stories and realizing I'm the worst dancer ever.  Delanie is absolutely hilarious, discussing hook-ups, her secret dancing talents, and the only way to find true love is leave LA... but that sounds boring so fuck love, just find someone you can deal with.  Check out her webseries Two Inches Apart and make sure you follow her, because one day you will see her dancing on a McDonald's commercial and be like damn I should have been her friend while I had the chance. 

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Part 2 of this hilarious episode, with Ashley Currie we are talking about Science, God, Aliens, Karma, Reverse Speech and a bunch of other weird stuff. 

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Ashley is one of my favorite guests, every time she is on we break the record of longest episode. So this time I divided it into 2 episodes. We are just so DARN INTERESTING and cannot be stopped… so please don’t try.  We are talking about a little bit of everything, pets, rich people, getting treated like a peasant in Malibu, and how everyone thinks they are the exception but just wants a chance to be like everyone else.  Plagiarism, since TheFatJew has finally been stopped, and how sometimes people accidentally steal jokes.  Hilarious discussion about Karma, God, Aliens, and getting scared.  

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In a previous episode, I joked that Borderline Personality Disorder is a made up illness.  Ryan is here to shut me up once and for all, as a sufferer of BPD, he explains how frustrating it is to have people like me who know nothing on the topic say it’s not real.  We are talking about anxiety, being mean to people, confidence, doing comedy and social media.  Our discussion leads to spirituality and we briefly talk about God, New Age, Indigo Children, and magic.  None of which Ryan believes in, while I on the other hand do believe there are elements of all of those topics that are based in some truth.  Which leads us to talk about science, which I do not believe is pure fact because it is constantly disproven and replaced with new information.  As well as, being influenced by whoever is paying for the experiment.   So I believe that these ideas and discussions we have about magic etc are just the beginning of finding evidence.  Overall, its a really interesting episode and theres a lot to think about.  Make sure you don’t miss this one.  

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This is my attempt at recording a caller, and guess who calls in... my brother! We are talking about Apple Cult, Google is God, Joining the Verizon fellowship and my attempt at getting a Droid.  I was literally intercepted from leaving Apple. We are talking about stalkers, porn, and a very interesting masturbation talk.  

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BK is back and we are chatting about, Go Commandos, an underwear replacement for women.  Seriously, he invented this genuis product! So we are talking about celebrity crotch shots, why underwear suck, and how this whole idea came about.  Also we are talking about losing your temper, being provoked, and how working with customers makes you hate comminicating all together.  Why I prefer small talk to hearing about your problems, and my favorite topic ever... Caitlyn Jenner. 

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Choni is keeping it real, we are talking about all types of serious topics combined with some not so serious ones.  We talk about Rachael Dolezal and have an honest conversation about race.  Also, Houston, TX... Choni's hometown which he gives a solid endorsement for and expects a check from.  Also we are talking about Tumblr porn, which is the future of ADD jerk off material.  We get serious again, talk about rape... then we get silly and share tequila stories.  Don't miss this one!

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Hilarious and Talented, Carla Valderrama, stops in to chat about her extreme behavior, her love for blow pops, and relationships.  She's also a kick ass babysitter ready to take responsiblity for kids who's parents take things too lightly.  We talk about moving around, living in LA and getting sober.  

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What a fun and interesting podcast, Yoshi Obayashi, is a hilarious comedian and damn he really got me thinking.  We talking travel, porn, family life, and culture.   We talk about fucked up people coming from good parents and good people coming from fucked up parents.  We're talking about Trannies, pedophillia, what makes women attractive, and what its like for people to immigrate to the US.  Plus, we support slutty Asians and tough Russians. 

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The talented Dwayne Colbert is back! Today we are talking about the past, the future, and the present.  We were so simple as children, nowadays children's lives are complicated with social media and all those cool hi-tech toys.  We reminise about old tv sets, adjusting the antena and using foil to get a better signal.  We speculate about the future, if people will need the concept of right and wrong, good and bad, will our imaginations deteriorate?  Also we talk about the here and now of working in a creative career.  Failure, being awful at something, and willing to be uncomfortable are all needed  in order to progress to the next step. 

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Nathan Rossi and French Cousin join today to talk about French people and how Americans are jealous of their vibes.  Plus, they perserve their culture... which is a reocurring topic today. Also, why do people want to share their bad shit... like drugs? Might as well talk about meth, pharmacueticals and whether or not adderol turns you into the hulk.  Shit gets deep and we discuss God, and not so deep when we talk about doctors legally needing a witness when touching your "private parts."

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Witty and Pretty, Melissa Stetten, joins to talk about a little of everything.  First, my odd obsession with her... which includes me having a bunch of weird dreams about her.  Followed by, I basically want to be her and steal her face... and her writing career. Can I be Melissa one day? That aside, we talk about lying about your age, modeling, people being people... and the new scientology movie. 

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Damien Bodie is a great Austrialian actor joining me today and we are talking about Adulthood.  Those small moments that make you realize you're not a child anymore. Like having a fresh roll of toilet paper BEFORE it runs out and you dont have to substitute with another type of less soft paper.  Or shopping for food and not buying all candy and chips, but getting real food too.  Being an adult isn't easy but it's funny when you realize it has begun.  

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Carmody Central's reigning champ, Myrone Sumner, is back... don't act surprised.  We are talking about current events, the Grammys... Kanye picking on skinny white people on Beyonce's behalf, Kardashian bullshit in general, Bruce Jenner, Valentine's Day, and Myrone shares the more strategic break up he's ever seen.  

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My favorite person on earth joins me for a nice chat about a little of everything.  Jim Norton!! Yay! I'm not lying when I say he's my best friend so glad to have him on.  We talk about his underwear, NY vs LA, and about Jim's childhood.  We talk about his parents, Jimmy Robinson his imaginary friend that used to pick on little Jimmy Norton.  We talk about self deprecation, self hatred, bad habits, and growing up in the 70s... not that I would know anything about it.  Enjoy this treat!

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Carmody Central's bottom bish, Myrone Sumner, is back once again and better than ever cause he just got over being sick.  Well we both did and we are tracing our steps to find the culprit.  Also criticism, people’s opinions and feedback, why they’re important but also completely annoying and discouraging. Receiving criticism from people your dating, like thats fuckings fun.  Also, Valentine’s Day, 50 Shades of Grey, and shitty vague answers to direct questions.  I talk about the book I'm writing and how my phone is out to get me.  

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The lovely and gorgeous Camilla Cleese joins to talk about attractive women, growing up an insanely tall blonde, fitting in, bullying, dating, and cat fishing.  We talk sex, penises, my obses vagina, comedy, LA and tons more.  The point is pretty women can be funny too, don't just think that shit is for ugly people. 

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Amy Schumer talks dick size, Colin Quinn talks body image, the begining of gyms, sex clubs and AIDS, Jim Norton talks about privacy, Robert Kelly got arrested at 10 years old, Chip Chipperson is a fucking liar, Edgar Mellencamp & Uncle Paul drop in, my gay little brother talks shit on comfortable straight men, and my mom admits she liked hitting us sometimes.  If you only download one episode of Carmody Central, let this be the one.  

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She feeds me some crazy unknown fruit and tells me to make a wish.  But after a second bite, it’s a trick, some bitter Russian joke… but I hope the wish comes true! We talk about worst dates, mostly that means meeting people from AOL Chatrooms pretending to be older than we were, before to catch a predator could warn us. Being a teenager in the early 2000s, we met people online and got ourselves into some bad situations. We compare chatrooms today, which is basically ads and people speaking in spanish.  We reminisce on some cyber bullying in high school, I was called poser all the time… cause, I guess I was.  Regardless, I’m vicious so I became unbulliable and stalked anyone who tried. We talk about being the only white kids in school and she show off her citizenship papers.

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A group of awkward individuals come together to discuss this new wave of cool slang words that we sound like complete dorks talking about.  This was one of the first episodes ever recorded so bear with me.  Some friends, Ric Rosario and Jason Von Glass join to talk about words like Amaze-balls and YOLO, and we embarrass ourselves by realizing we have already started using these words.  My friend Baby Jen also chimes in, while we talk about living in Hollywood and getting scammed on the street regularly by an old lady who keeps tricking us.


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Sorry I smoked way too much weed before this and now my voice sounds like I'm trying to smoke the mic too.   I wanted release a mini episode to thank all the listeners for their support and to explain more about What Carmody Central Podcast is all about... but I kind of forgot to answer it fully... it's cool you get this jist. 

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My family discusses my mother’s interesting parenting techniques.  Particularly one time when she found Ecstasy in my purse and instead of grounding me, she pretended to take it herself.  As well as, fun memories of her hunting us down at parties and throwing my boyfriend on the hood of a car.  She talks about falling in a ditch and breaking her ankle, and my sister and I laugh at my mom's constant injuries. This Carmody Moment is extra personal sadly all true. 

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This episode is very personal to me because Jim is my favorite person next to Jelly.  So we talked about something super not personal to a avoid anything weird coming up and discuss privacy in the most vague way possible.  Jim thinks the NSA is good because it gives "people a taste of their own medicine." He's so extreme, I love and hate it. This time I hated it.  I change the subject to women who fuck public figures then sell their crappy little story for some extra twitter followers.  

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Chip and I talk about our history, when he bombed in Montreal and I hooked up with him out of sympathy. Chip shares some personal information about his mother and a memorable birthday party from his childhood. He talks about how chicks loved him in High School, and his successful music career with his hit band Sick Fucking Puppies. His blossoming comedy career, and his friendship with the president. Chip’s mother, Dolores, pops in but is quickly kicked out and replaced with a special appearance by Edgar Mellencamp. Uncle Paul takes over and with his sick stories. Just in time for Chip to come back and tell us about some of his most memorable injuries.  

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My handwriting changes for everything because I’m psychotic, her’s stays the same every time because she’s also psychotic but in a different way. Hanging with my long term friend back in the good old, Jersey City, my hometown.  Talking about how life has changed for us, she talks about becoming a parent and I tell her my biggest fear as a chid was immaculate conception. We talk about Russia, coming to America and the terror of your children going through puberty.  Shit gets spiritual, but we bring it back, drunkenly discuss relationships, and I explain how I only date short men so they can’t beat me up. She suggest that I forgive and shit gets spiritual again and we leave on a sweet moment. 

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What an appropriate topic...we start with positions and discuss Missionary Sex… and my special nickname for it.  Amy loves morning sex but my breath ruins it for me.  We scared Amy’s sister, Kim out of her own bedroom and talk about stupid things that people say during sex, my intimacy issues.  And the amazing topics, good/bad kissers, penis size, pretty vaginas, and we revisit Amy’s amazing statement about women hating the cumshot in porn.  I bring it back to humiliation, men’s sensitivity and sexual rejection. 

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Gay baby bother and Jenn discuss what sucks about straight men.  I bring up how its not fair that only gay guys go the extra mile to look hot, but that’s women’s fault for being too understanding. My brother hates that straight guys are getting too gay friendly, it’s confusing.  Since he’s never been with a woman, I think its important that we go over the anatomy of the vagina. He has to learn one day, so I explain some things that any 9th grade boy should know. He asks questions about the G-spot, when we talk about my abnormally large vagina and tentacle porn.

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This was my 2nd attempt recording an episode with Bobby, we first recorded in his hi-tech studio and it sounded like we did it with 2 cups and a shoe lace in our treehouse. So we ended up talking about a completely unexpected topic and we get into some heavy stuff. More than I would have liked to share probably.  Bobby talks about getting arrested for the first time at 10 years old, losing his virginity on a dunlop windbreaker, being a follower, and learning to fit in.  As for me, I thought Tijuana, Mexico was in San Diego. Then, I explain how I got arrested with my lesbian mother-lover when I was 18 and making prank phone calls from jail.

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Surprised that I called him a friend, Dwayne and I agree we are friends even though we only talked once before.  Last Episodes of TV Shows brought me to the conclusion that I’ve never understood the last episode of any show... which is embarassing because I consider myself a writer.  We talk about Dexter, Breaking Bad, Lost, the Sopranos. We also touch on shows like Game of Thrones that you can know the ending if you want to read 7000 pages first, exactly… we are just going to wait it out too. Why we love American Horror Story and some other TV talk. 


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Myrone feels the pressure when I ask, “What do guys find sexy?” but he is determined to defend all things with a penis against my harsh judgement on the topic. He searches for an answer while we dissect the way that women and men answer questions differently… we completely agree but answer in a completely different ways.  We address the sliding scale of guys ranking a woman from 1-10, I try to get to the bottom of it.  He tries to simplify the way guys think sexually, he basically proves my theory.  We discuss how men don’t notice things that we try so hard to impress them with and the formula of when women go crazy. 



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First episode of Carmody Central and so excited to have Colin Quinn as my first guest.  We talk about new diseases, Colin brings up sex addiction vs. over indulgence and we discuss whether people see real diseases and pretend in order to justify their own behavior? We also discuss boiling a pineapple, jumping in the subway tracks, and how male actors are infuriatingly sexy nowadays. Some other topics we touch on, tabloids, paparazzi, sex clubs, catholic school, and choosing the sex of your baby.  New religions involving alien experiences and I try to convince Colin why there’s an Alien headquarters in North Bergen, NJ. 

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