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I wanted to repost my guest apperance on Dark Match Wrestling Podcast called The Female Perspective.  We are talking about our old wrestling days back when I was Billy's manager and our old variety show we made called Badger Nation TV.  How we stole his mother in law's car to bring him to Wrestle Mania back in the day.  We talk about everyone in wrestling getting sued, Zumba, Goth Thugs, Hardy Boys, Lita... Dudley Boys, and we do an awesome round of trivia.  So much fun make sure you subscribe to them!


Back in Jersey City and I am so lucky to have these guys on my podcast.  I have the entire crew from Dark Match Wrestling Podcast, Billy, Mike, and Nick.  These guys are hilarious and we are taking a little trip down memory lane.  Billy and I were best friends in High School and we share some great stories from our rebellious years.  Now we are have been reunited through podcasting.  Also, we talk about Mike and how he literally walks everywhere... in SHORTS! I had two pairs of pants on.  Meanwhile, Nick is the Ultimate Fan of wrestling and an overall hilarious guy.  I love their podcast, please make sure to check it out and subscribe to these guys on itunes.

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